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Would you turn your car into a Hotspot?

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With more and more of our lives being interconnected to the internet, it only makes sense that car manufacturers have moved towards integrating Wi-Fi hotspots into their vehicles. The technology has become more affordable in recent years as it is now available in even some more budget-friendly cars.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Hotspot

Having Wi-Fi on the go is not only advantageous for simple internet browsing. It can also provide a significant amount of live information to assist drivers on their journeys, such as traffic and weather reports.

With the current trend of greater reliance on satellite navigation, live and up-to-date maps updated via wireless internet ensure that the driver always has the best route mapped out for their journey. It even has the potential to save your life by contacting the emergency services automatically if the vehicle senses you’ve been in an accident.

The Disadvantages

Like mobile phones and blaring loud music, Wi-Fi hotspots in cars have the potential to be the next distraction for drivers, increasing the possibility of accidents due to lack of concentration.

Staring at an up-to-date traffic accident report on your car’s dashboard screen may well become a cause for an accident in itself.

Also, Wi-Fi hotspot subscription services are currently rather expensive in most cars, especially considering it as an extra expense on top of any mobile data plans the buyer is already subscribed to.

If you are still curious about Wi-Fi cars, here are three models that can be turned into your personal Wi-Fi hotspot:

Chevrolet Spark

Starting at prices lower than £8000, the Chevrolet Spark represents an incredibly affordable option for having WIFI on the move. Whilst perhaps the design is a bit too flash for anyone who was born much before the turn of the millennium, the ability to have WIFI on the move at such a low price point is a relatively unique selling point, so should prove attractive to any potential buyer.

Audi A3

At the more premium end of the scale, the Audi A3 already being a fantastic car, to begin with, is now available with ‘Audi Connect’ to provide internet use whilst on the go. The A3 is available from just under £20,000 but the WIFI is an optional extra so buyers will have to dig just a little deeper into their pockets for the convenience. The A3 is particularly at the forefront of wireless internet integration, with the hotspot able to connect to as many as eight devices.

Tesla Model S

As the technological leader of electric powered vehicles, it makes sense that Tesla would be at the cutting-edge of technological integration in their vehicles. The Tesla Model S comes with WIFI hotspot as standard and is available from just under £73,000. Of particular interest to buyers is the seven years’ free subscription to Tesla’s WIFI hotspot service, which combined with the fuel savings from running an all-electric car, help to justify the high initial cost of purchase.

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