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Why the Future of Cars is electric

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The rise of electric automobiles is expected to overtake the use of conventional vehicles in the coming years. The world fast realises that there is a need for clean energy and people are appreciating the fact that electric cars play a significant role in conserving the environment. There are various reasons why the future of cars is electric.


All-electric traffic is expected to be faster than the current menace experienced on the roads due to the use of gas driven cars. This hypothesis is based on the weight of the electric vehicles which is lighter, and hence they can accelerate and brake more efficiently. The phenomenon of having cars which can be controlled speedily depending on the state of traffic will mean a free flow on the roads.

Environmentally friendly

For environmentally-conscious people, the use of electric cars plays a significant role in safeguarding the wellbeing of the entire community. These cars have low emissions as compared to internal combustion engines, and less energy is used to propel them. A city filled with electric vehicles will be quieter and cleaner as compared to the current state of the towns. Shortly, owning an electric car will appear as a kind of loyalty to the country and the people who will be driving or buying internal combustion vehicles will be viewed as outcasts.

Social symbolism

The introduction of new products is first received by people who can afford it. It is not different to the introduction of electric cars into the global market. The wealthy people, regardless of their consciousness of the important role that the cars play towards conserving the environment, will be buying the vehicles for the simple reason of making a statement. The cars will not be a necessity to them but will act as a complement to their position in the society.


Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, notes that 1.3 million people die from car accidents annually. This figure has been widely influenced by the internal combustion vehicles which are hard to control in emergencies. Musk applauds the use of self-driven cars which are electrically powered for their safety, despite the few cases reported of accidental deaths. The figure, however, is incomparable to that of conventional vehicles. He emphasis on the need to save lives by use of safer cars which make use of the current technology to navigate themselves independent of human influence.

Ease of use

Electric cars, as Elon Musk puts it, are comparable to the elevators in use today. According to him, when they were introduced, people are sceptical of their safety, and only a few of them were brave enough to use them. Musk predicts the future of electric vehicles to be similar to elevators. People will be scrambling to have electric cars due to their ease of use as they will only need to command the cars and leave the rest to it.

Money saving

Travis Kalanick, Uber founder and CEO, notes that the cost of operating electric vehicles will be significantly low as compared to the current human-driven cars. Electric cars consume a relatively smaller quantity of energy and their increase on the roads will see little time wasted on the roads. The cars will be able to navigate themselves and agree on the best track to take, unlike human-driven vehicles. The cost of charging electric vehicles will also be low as compared to combustion engine vehicles. The majority of the people will be looking forward to forsaking their gas driven cars for electric vehicles which can save them a lot of money to be used in other productive areas.

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