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Why should you buy a car in November?

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Ok, it’s clear! November isn’t great month when it comes to weather but it is a great month to buy a car.

Here are 4 reasons why you should buy a car in November:

November is the lowest month for sales. Salesmen are desperate to sell more cars so you could get the best deal of your life.
Salesmen are restocking for the next high season so they may be keen to offer you an early bird price.
You may want to drive to a ski resort, mountain driving requires a solid vehicle so if your car has over 80,000 miles it may be smart to change it.
You may ask for a Black Friday discount.
Let go into detail.

November, the lowest month of sales

Salesmen are usually paid with commission and in November these commissions usually plummet therefore you could get a great deal. Use your negotiating skills and get ready for a great deal.

November, high season for restocking

During the low season car dealers usually buy some stock they will be able to sell once the high season comes back. If you come in November, it’s likely that you will have the chance to see the newest cars before they go on sale.

Sell your car before going skiing and get a new one

Mountain driving can see your car break down. Why? For those of you who have driven in the mountains you know that your car is facing many efforts, whether it is for the engine, the tyres, the pipes and tanks or other. Therefore, it could be a smart idea to visit a car dealer to find the best deal.

Black Friday discount

Remember last year? Black Friday is the biggest day of shopping in the year, this year it will be on 27/11. Considering the massive discounts available you may hope to get a very good deal.

If all these reasons do not convince you, why not simply treat yourself with a new car, since Christmas is coming up it could be a great idea…

In any case, you should visit Used Cars of Bristol.

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