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Why buy a car from Used Cars of Bristol

UCOB - Used Cars of Bristol

Many potential car owners have been met with the challenging factor of choosing a high quality used vehicle. First-time car owners are the most affected although even mechanics may make mistakes when assisting their clients in selecting a good used car.

It is, therefore, advisable to purchase a used car from a registered and recognised car dealer. Used Cars of Bristol (UCOB) is one of the car dealers from where you can get a quality used car. UCOB gives you more than enough reasons as to why you should consider purchasing your next used car from them.

Large stock of vehicles

UCOB boasts of one of the widest variety of vehicle types to suit all its customers’ need. From low budget to high-end vehicles, family SUVs to luxury cars, you will find all under one roof. By visiting our showroom, you will be able to choose the kind of vehicle that you wish and even have various choices of colours to choose from.

UCOB are RAC approved

Buying a used car comes with many uncertainties as you are not sure about the serviceability of the vehicle. This tension, however, only comes when you purchase a car from unauthorised and dubious dealers. UCOB is an RAC Approved Dealer to ensure that you buy your next used car with confidence and peace of mind.

The company is included in the Buy Sure scheme of RAC which guarantees that every vehicle purchased meets the set standards. As a Buy Sure Approved Dealer you are supposed to meet requirements such as 82 point vehicle preparation standard, RAC Warranty, twelve months breakdown cover, car data check and RAC accident care.

With such a package, clients suit of a car dealer who has their best interest at heart.

Many options for car finance

Many people long to own their dream cars but they are held back by their constrained budget. UCOB offers car finance that enables its customers to get their preferred type of car and pay gradually according to the terms agreed upon.

The sales team will be on standby to guide you through the various car financing packages available. There are no deposits necessary, fixed interest rates, same day finance and no hidden charges. The advantage of car financing helps you own a car at your convenience above having peace of mind paying the monthly instalments which suits your chosen package.

Meticulous vehicle preparation

Used cars sold by UCOB undergo through vehicle preparation which includes: ascertaining the vehicle’s history, exterior, interior, road wheels and tyre check, underbody, engine compartment and paperwork.

These inspections are not just little tasks, but they are carried out by professionals with in-depth knowledge of vehicle control. Every car detail is well examined and recorded where clients can check the full record before purchasing their preferred vehicle type. The source of the car is well defined, and customers can choose cars from the various origins available at the moment.

Highly Commended 100+

The excellent delivery of services and quality vehicles has earned UCOB a spot on Car Dealer Magazine’s Highly Commended 100+ awards. This achievement is a clear indication of a company which is dedicated to its delivery and focused on being on top of its competition.

For a company to receive the recognition of significant players in the industry of automobile like Car Dealer Magazines means that there were intensive background research and data collection from the enterprise. Some of the research includes reaching out to former clients and finding out their experience with UCOB. You are sure to get the best bargain by shopping for a car from UCOB.

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