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Which Car Is Best For Me?

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As you have probably already seen, there is a massive selection of used cars on the market. But how do you choose what’s best for you? If you’re in the market for a car you’ll have a list of wants and needs, perhaps some pros and cons to help you make your mind up.

But how do you find the perfect car, that you want to drive but which also suits your needs?

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Here are some ideas to help you spend your money wisely.

New Drivers

It’s the ultimate freedom – your new driving licence and all the possibilities it represents. But the new driver is difficult to please. How do you find something easy to drive and cheap on insurance, tax and fuel, but that also looks good to a younger driver? If you’re a new driver, look out for a city car or a small car in a low insurance group. Lower CO2 emissions usually mean cheaper tax and higher miles per gallon, so affording to run it will be easier.

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Low Mileage/City Drivers

If you travel low mileage or just drive around town, a small petrol hatchback or city car is probably the best choice. Diesel cars are more expensive to buy, and many newer models come with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which will block if you don’t do enough long journeys. Petrol superminis are just as economical these days and are great for negotiating city traffic.

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Mile Munchers

If your car is your office and you do many miles a year, you’ll definitely need a Diesel. A larger hatchback, saloon or estate car with comfortable seats, a decent stereo and Bluetooth connectivity will make for relaxing long distance travel, while an economical Diesel engine will be easier on your pocket and ensure fewer fuel stops.

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Sporty Numbers

Are you a petrolhead, or looking for a second car for the weekend? There’s a great choice of hot hatchbacks on the market these days. Or for the wind-in-the-hair experience, you could even look for a two-seater roadster or a convertible.

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The Adventurer

If you spend your free time heading for adventure, such as mountain biking, off-roading or even taking the family out and about, look for an SUV or 4×4. There is plenty of room for all the family and all the gear, with a higher ground clearance and 4×4 capability for heading off the beaten track and exploring.

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Low Tax

If you’re a business driver or you’re hoping to reduce your road tax bill, many manufacturers now offer models with extra technology such as engine stop/start, brake energy regeneration, and clever fuelling. You get all the performance, with higher miles per gallon and lower CO2 emissions. And lower CO2 emissions mean lower tax. It’s even worth considering a hybrid or electric model, to really feel the benefits of low CO2 emissions.

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