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What to Do if Your Car Heating is Blowing Cold Air January 16, 2018 at 8:48 AM

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A car heater is important, especially during the cold winter or in the mornings. Heating your car enhances comfort and creates an ambience that allows you to cruise seamlessly, but when the heater malfunctions, temperatures may drop and sometimes you only get cold air. If your car heater blows cold air, this could be as a result of a number of reasons including a stuck thermostat and problems in the entire heating system. Don’t panic when this happens as there are few things you could do that will rescue you from the frustrations.

Check your thermostat – is it serviceable?

The first culprit when your car heating is blowing cold air is the thermostat. The heating system relies on the heat that comes from the coolant running through the engine, and a thermostat helps to regulate the amount of water that flows through engine compartments to help in cooling so you can eventually get the warm air.

When the thermostat malfunctions, the heating system of the car is also affected and thus might blow cold air. Therefore, ensure to check the thermostat to see if it has issues and whether the problem can be repaired. In some cases, it is only wise to replace the thermostat if it is beyond a state where it can be repaired.

Check for airlocks in the heating system

If there is an airlock in the fluid lines, there will be an improper delivery of coolant to help the heating system operate normally. This could be as a result of foreign objects lodged on the way. Check if the heating system of your car has a bleed screw that could help you fix the system. After doing some fixes, run the engine and listen if there is a hissing sound, which signifies a successful rectification.

Check for water leaks in the system

Another issue that might be causing the heating system not to function normally is the presence of water leaks. This means the required amount of coolant is not delivered, so you need to check to ensure all fluid hoses are fixed properly. Also, confirm if the radiator pump and head gasket are fixed perfectly. It is most recommended you assign this work to a mechanic who understands the car to avoid making your problems worse.

Inspect the heater and heater controls

The good thing about the heating system is that it can be repaired if problems are noted that are not too severe. Before you think about making replacements, it is advisable to inspect the heater controls and the heating system to see if there are issues that can be fixed. The heater could be clogged or broken and the controls might be stuck or cut, so the right command is not delivered to the heating system. If the problem is detected, make sure to use the right tools and if you think the procedure required is too technical, you should visit your mechanic to have the issue fixed using professional tools and methods.

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