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Ten tips to reduce human error in road traffic accidents

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Cars have never been safer than they are today, and years of public information campaigns have turned the majority of British motorists into safer drivers, than they were twenty years ago. Accidents are down but, unfortunately, a large number still occur on our roads every day.

Even though technology will continue to bring down injuries and fatalities, the bottom line is that lots of accidents are caused as a result of human error. Here are ten good habits that we can all use to reduce our chances of being involved in a collision.

Drink driving

Drink driving still causes more than an acceptable number of accidents. Alcohol reduces reaction time and can blur vision. So simply, don’t drink if you plan to drive!


It is true the ‘speed kills’ and in-depth research has already proved that the faster you go the greater the risk of you being involved in an accident. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry; leave earlier.

Distraction behind the wheel is lethal

Being distracted seems harmless enough, but if you think that texting or talking on the telephone while driving is not a big deal, then you should think again. Research has compared the reaction time of a fit twenty-year-old that is talking on his mobile, to that of a 75-year old driver. The reaction time is cut down by 25 per cent, which is enough to hit another vehicle.


Lots of accidents are caused by drivers that have fallen asleep at the wheel. Don’t think that a straight motorway can be navigated when feeling sleepy, because you are putting your life at risk as well as passengers and other vehicles. If you feel tired, stop and take a break.

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Seat belts

Always wear a seat belt when you drive and also make sure that your passengers do. If a seatbelt is worn correctly, then it will prevent you from travelling through the front windscreen, and could turn a potentially fatal accident into something minor.

Be aware of road conditions and the weather

If you are driving through heavy rain, snow, ice or fog, then alter your driving accordingly. Use all of the above tips and keep your distance with the car in front. Ideally, you should stop and find somewhere to stay for the night if it is too bad. Even better is to listen to the weather forecast and stay home.

Safe distance

This applies to any conditions, not just bad weather. You can control your own car but not the car of others. Anticipate the fact that he might brake suddenly, and keep well behind.

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Anticipate the action of others

Anticipating what another driver could do, will make you a better driver and drastically reduce the chance of you having a crash.

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Curb your aggression

Always keep calm when you are driving. When you get angry, you lose control of your emotions and also could well lose control of your car.

Maintain your vehicle

Always check that your vehicle is fit to go on the road, and carry out regular maintenance.

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