December 14, 2016 at 3:19 PM

Aston Martin has confirmed plans for a new DB11 Volante in 2018.


Truth is, we’re not absolutely sure exactly what an engineering car is. We assume it’s rather like a traditional ‘prototype’, only with more writing on the flanks and rear.

Similarly, Aston’s staying quiet on how an ‘engineering car’ differs from the actual DB11 Volante production car. The actual DB11 Volante production car will feature rather less writing on the flanks and rear. And will also be more available-to-buy.

In any case, these first photos of the DB11 Volante Engineering Car confirms perhaps the least surprising news of 2016: that the DB11 Volante Not-Engineering Car should, like the DB9 that preceded it, employ a fabric roof rather than, say, a folding hardtop, or an umbrella fashioned from yak-leather.

Source: TopGear