February 01, 2016 at 11:38 AM

Volkswagen is currently undergoing investigations from the EPA.The American environment protection agency is currently investigating the German company for faking its emission tests results.


8 days after the launch of its Golf GTI, Volkswagen says goodbye to its CEO.

The German is undergoing a huge turmoil following accusations of cheating its emission tests.

Volkswagen Group is facing serious charges after it was caught cheating its emission tests in the US, but it seems that the "pandemic" is not limited to the US only.

The latest figure mentions 11 million vehicles were fitted with the 'defeat device' software. The EPA claims the vehicles ones unplugged emit NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) up to 40 times the legal limit.

The affected models include the VW Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Passat as well as the Audi A3. Each vehicle violating the US Clean Air Act faces a fine equivalent to £24,000 which means that it could represent £12 billion in fines for the US alone. However, it seems that European models are impacted as well.

In the UK, the EU standards will apply and may imply even more costs. The risk for Volkswagen is that it may also face a barrage of legal actions undertaken by car owner whom have spent on average £2,000 more to get a greener car.

The transport select committee is set to launch an inquiery into the scandal by October.