May 24, 2016 at 1:54 PM

Models built prior to 6 October 2014 are being recalled.


Renault made a worldwide recall of all the problematic Zoe models built prior to 6 October 2014. The reason for this was to avoid any risk of the front wheel arch liner damaging the front brake hose. The total number of Zoes manufactured is 42,300. Of these, 18,150 are problematic where 999 of those, are located in the UK.

Renault will inspect the position of the front wheel arch liners. Should the liner is positioned incorrectly, they will be more than happy to replace the liner and brake hose for free. 

In the unlike event you own one of the problematic Zoes, you will receive a letter by recorded delivery inviting you to bring your vehicle to an Expert Renault Z.E. Network workshop. The maintenance time may vary between a quarter of an hour (for a simple check) to four and half hours (if parts need to be replaced). If parts of your car need replacement, a courtesy car will be provided to you by Renault.