May 14, 2016 at 1:39 PM

Car owners in UK who have been affected by Volkswagen’s emissions scandal will not receive any compensation, as previously thought.


In December 2015 Matthias Mueller stated that: “We’re working on an effective package for all our customers. There will be an attractive package, let’s call it compensation, for the reduction in value of cars.” However, a company’s spokesman confirmed that UK owners will not be compensated.

Paul Willis, the Managing Director of Volkswagen’s Group in UK said while at the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, that: “To pay compensation there has to be a loss, and at this stage I see no reason for there to be a loss. Our engineers tell us there will be no difference in fuel consumption or driveability.

However, Wills added that in certain cases, a “support package” may be made available to customers in a form of a goodwill gesture.