June 04, 2016 at 1:57 PM


Nikki Lauda awarded for lifetime achievements. 

Nikki Lauda, the three-time world champion, was awarded this year in the Laureus World Sports for the achievements accomplished in his life. He still remains the only driver in the history that has won the league with the two most successful manufactures in the history of F1 (the McLaren & Ferrari).

Furthermore, he is perhaps the only driver who made the most legendary comeback after six weeks of serious burn injury. His return took place at the Italian GP at Monza. Lauda was racing then on behalf of Ferrari, for the battle of the year, which was also subject to the film “Rush” in 2013 directed by Ron Howard.

Nikki Lauda is currently non-executive vice president of Mercedes F1, the team that Lewis Hamilton is currently racing. What is notable is that the award was given by Lewis Hamilton to Nikki Lauda as he also is a three times world champion in F1.


Other than that, the Top Athlete award for 2016 was awarded to the tennis player Novak Djokovic who participated in all four Grand Slams last year and managed to win three of them.

Of those who attended the ceremony in Berlin, Nico Rosberg and Mika Hakkinen were the most notable.