July 02, 2016 at 2:05 PM


Beetle aged 42, used for less than 56 miles.

The Beetle illustrated above is 42 years old. Yes, this unique car has been around for so long unharmed and almost untouched since mileage usage is just 56 miles.

The story of this Beetle was randomly revealed when the car’s owners chose to participate in an auction located in Denmark.  

The blue Beetle was sold in January 1974 by a Volkswagen dealer in Genoa to an elderly Italian. This Beetle was the Italian’s first car ever. He only used it once a week (on Sundays) in order to help himself getting to church. As years went by, the car was even less resulting to its immobilization 4 years later.

For nearly 4 decades, the Beetle (which had a four-cylinder 1,300 cc engine), remained on a farm  where they recently discovered.

Indeed, it took some time and some readjustments for the Beetle to return in its current state (as pictures show). Currently, this Beetle is auctioned by Silverstone Auctions, and it’s estimated  price is around £ 27,527 – £ 31,460