August 24, 2016 at 2:47 PM

The way we see it, the automotive future will definitely include electric car engines and batteries used as fuel.


As the cost of this type of technology gradually decreases, the amount of zero-emission cars will continue to increase. 

Audi’s target is for their electric cars to account for the 25-30% of their total sales in 2025 .

Speaking to the German newspaper “Heilbronner Stimme”, Rupert Stadler (Audi’s president) stated that Audi will launch three electric cars by 2020.

One of these cars will, without a doubt, be the large SUV Q6, which will be, without a doubt, based on the original e-tron Quattro. The car will be launched both in Europe and the US in 2018 aiming to provide autonomy up to 500 km.