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How to keep your kids entertained on car journeys

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Have you ever been on a road trip accompanied by your kids? Nothing derails a car journey faster than bored youngsters in the backseat. If you have a correct set of activity bag, then you will be able to mute the “Where are we now?” melody from the rear.

The constituent of your activity bag will depend on some important factors: a) The number of kids you will need to entertain, b) their ages and, c) their Attention span

With this in mind, you will be able to come up with the correct constituents of the activity bag and forge a trip without meltdowns.

1. Electronic gadgets

a. Audiobooks

From age 3, most kids can follow a complex story through to the end. In such instances, audio books can be the best way to pass the time. Why not gather some of the family favourites such as Charlotte’s Web or Harry Porter and listen together?

b. Smartphones and laptops

You should try to download some educational and fun games, movies among others on your laptop, and then let your kids have fun on the road trip.

2. Give them something to play with

a. Boxes

Fill a few shoe boxes with card games, Legos, dolls, and little figurines. Then the kids can play on the surface of the lid, and decorate the box using markers or stickers.

b. Crafty Toys

Giving your children toys that let them draw is engaging. As a result, your kids will be absorbed in drawing without distracting the driver.

3. Creative techniques

a. Write notes to each other/

Using a dry-erase pen and a whiteboard, kids can write or draw some things to each other and erase them and start over. This can repeatedly be done to the end of the journey.

b. Give them magnetized numbers and letters

You can buy fun magnets that have letters to help them create names of cities, mountains or even celebrities. This is another game that will make sure they forget all about the journey and try to come up with correct number combinations and letters.

4. Snacks

a. Let have fun while eating

Take numerous strands of yarn and combine them to form a necklace or string. Then let your children put anything edible with a hole at the centre, and let them eat as they have fun. You will be surprised how time will fly.

b. Drinking Games

Do not let your kids drink all the time and spend most of your road trip stopping for your kids to have potty breaks. Use drinking games to curb this. Anyone can take a sip once they answer a certain question correctly. Make the game fun and enjoyable.

5. Music

Make a collection of some of the best kid songs and sing along with your children on the road trip. This will make sure all of you have a great time on the road.

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