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How to change a car tyre

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Car troubles on a road trip can be frustrating. But why get stuck on the road because of a flat tyre? Changing car tyres can easily be handled by everyone. The steps below provide a quick insight on how to change car tyres.

First, before commencing any journey ensure that you have a jack and importantly an inflated spare tire.

Step one: Secure the vehicle

Your car needs to be parked in a place that is secure. Your personal safety is important too. If you get a flat tyre in a busy highway, try to get somewhere where there is less traffic. You would rather slowly drive with a flat tyre than attempt changing it in a busy road and park your car.

Use heavy stones to block the wheels of the car where it is to be changed. Most importantly before beginning all this, ensure that no one is inside the car.

Step two: Remove wheel cover and loose the nuts

Insert a strong sharp object at the edge of the cover and wheel and apply a little force to pop the wheel cover off. Once the cover is off, loosen the nuts on the wheel. They may be too tight to be removed by hand so you may have to apply pressure using your foot on the wrench. The point is not to remove the nuts completely but to loosen them.

Step three: Jack up the vehicle

Take the jack and place it securely near the tyre you want to change. Always ensure that the jack is placed in an area where it is in contact with the car frame. If you place the jack in an inappropriate spot, the plastic at the bottom of the car will crack once you start lifting. Ensure that the jack is on firm ground and on a flat surface then slowly begin raising the vehicle. The tyre needs to be lifted high enough to be easily removed and replaced.

Step four: Remove the flat tyre

At this point, you can completely remove the loose nuts and put them in a safe place. Using both hands, hold the flat tire tightly and pull it towards you. Ensure that the tyre slides along the bolts completely. It is advisable that you place the flat tyre under the vehicle. This is a safety precaution so that in case the jack fails, the car will land on the old wheel.

Step five: Place the new tyre on bolts

While replacing the new wheel, ensure you install it correctly. The valve stem is always away from the vehicle. Replace the nuts once this is done but do not tighten them firmly. Tighten each nut before lowering your car. If you apply too much force while the vehicle is still raised, then the jack might collapse.

Step six: Lower the vehicle

Lower the car to the ground and use the wrench to tighten the nuts completely. Finally replace the wheel cover.

Once all this is done, visit a mechanic to repair your flat tyre. Never travel without a spare tyre. Changing car tyres is easy but do not attempt it if you are not sure. Make a point of referring to the owner’s manual if you are not sure.

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