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Google’s solution to a sticky problem

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Google’s self driving cars may well be the technology of the future, but what happens if they are involved in accidents? Google has been patenting several safety features for its self driving cars to help to ensure that accidents do not happen and that, if they do, damage is minimized or avoided. One of the most exciting safety solutions that Google has come up with for its self driving cars is a sticky layer on the front of the vehicle that is designed to protect pedestrians in the event of them being hit by a self driving vehicle.

How will the sticky layer work?

The sticky layer will coat the part of the front bonnet and bumper that are most likely to come into contact with a pedestrian in the event of an accident. If the self driving vehicle hits a pedestrian from the front, the pedestrian will become stuck to the sticky layer and at the same time, the car will automatically start to slow down. Because they are stuck to the front bonnet of the vehicle, the pedestrian’s movements will be restricted and this could save both their life and limb. In many car accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians, pedestrians are injured when they are flung over the bonnet of the vehicle, or flung across the road, as a result of impact with the front bonnet of the car. Google’s new sticky surface prevents this harmful movement from happening.

A creative way to minimise the damage done by car accidents involving pedestrians

It may sound like something from a comedy scenario – pedestrians becoming stuck to the front of a self driving car – but it is a scenario that will help to make the roads a lot safer. As more and more people use self driving cars, any innovations that make them less of a hazard to unwary pedestrians have to be welcome. Google’s sticky layer will be available for its cars in the near future. And, it is to be hoped that this safety feature will be made available for all kinds of vehicles: not just Google’s own self driving cars. That way, if you have purchased a used car, you can instantly make it safer to drive around pedestrians by having this new patented sticky layer from Google applied to the front bonnet.

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