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General Questions

Nationwide delivery available on selected vehicles. Please see T&C or speak to a member of staff for details.

Please note we do not operate an organised distance selling scheme as defined by The Consumer Contracts (Cancellation, Information and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. Therefore, even if you choose to not view your vehicle at our premises prior to purchase, you will not be entitled to cancel your order under any 14 day cancellation period. All other statutory rights remain unaffected.

Are all vehicles on your website also kept at your dealership?

Vehicles are kept off site so please make a prior appointment to view your preferred vehicle.

Do you sell to trade?

Yes, we sell to individuals as well as traders and other dealerships. However, we charge a small additional fee to traders so that the best prices are available to our individual customers.

When are your opening times?

Monday to Saturday: 08:30 - 18:00
Sunday: Closed

Christmas and Easter: check our contact page for seasonal opening times.

How are your prices so low?

We buy our stock in bulk, allowing us to pass savings on to our customers, and our high-volume turnover enables us to implement smaller profit margins than other dealerships.

Do I need an appointment?


Are prices negotiable?

We’re committed to making sure our customers get the best prices. We constantly monitor the prices of our competitors and also CAP and Glasses so that each car is at the lowest possible price, removing the need for you to negotiate.

Please also be aware that the Purchase Price is the price for the vehicle. The invoice will be listed with additional items, such as an admin fee and warranty.

Are the prices and vehicle descriptions displayed on the website accurate?

We make every effort to ensure all prices and vehicle details on this website are correct. However, as these are used cars, the standard specification can sometimes differ from that shown. Please satisfy yourself that a vehicle has a specific feature that is important to you before purchasing – our showroom sales staff will be happy to assist you. Prices, offers and details of vehicles are subject to change without notification.

Can I reserve a car online?

Yes, we take reservations over the phone. Please call us on 01179 533 336 to reserve a vehicle.

Can you arrange cars for export?

No we do not arrange exporting vehicles, but we can recommend other organisations to arrange transportation.

I need to make a complaint. What is your complaints procedure?

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we’re committed to providing a high standard of service to all our customers. However, if we don’t live up to our expectations, we want to hear from you so that we can rectify any problems and improve our service.

Please share your complaint with a member of our team or contact us on 01179 533 336.


Our Cars

Are all your cars HPI checked?

Yes – we guarantee our cars have no outstanding finance, and have not been stolen or written off.

Can I test drive the car before buying it?

Of course! We recommend all customers test drive the car before agreeing to purchase it. All our test drives come with no obligation to buy.

Please be aware that if you book a test drive, the car will remain on sale. We will notify you as soon as possible if the car sells before your appointment.

Do your cars come with a warranty?

Every RAC approved car we sell comes with a 12 month complimentary breakdown cover, 12 months accident management and the option to purchase an extended RAC Warranty.

What is the admin fee?

In order to make sure we provide the best value for all of our customers, we tailor our administration fee to the customer’s individual circumstances. The fee is compulsory and applies to all our cars.

Customer admin fee: £199
Export customer admin fee: £399
Retail customer using a finance broker outside our official panel of lenders: £399
Motor Trade Customers Admin Fee: £399

Do you check your cars?

All of our RAC approved vehicles have been independently inspected. Each approved car we offer will have successfully passed a mechanical, safety and quality control inspection before being put up for sale. However, if you want the car to be checked again, you’re more than welcome to arrange an independent inspection at an additional expense. If any mechanical or electrical problems become apparent, they will be fixed accordingly.

Do your cars have road tax?

Since 1 October 2014, car tax is no longer transferrable between owners. As a result, buyers of used cars will have to tax them themselves as soon as they take ownership, rather than benefiting from tax already paid for by the seller. You’re more than welcome to use the free internet at our showroom to purchase your road tax before driving away in your new car.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vehicle-tax-changes

How do I secure a car?

Either call us on 01179 533 336, or visit us at our showrooms (Vale Lane, Hartcliffe Way, Bristol, Avon, BS3 5RU).

Cars can be secured by paying a non-refundable deposit by debit card or cash, and the car will be reserved for up to three days.

Are deposits refundable?

No, deposits are not refundable. Once the deposit has been paid, we remove the vehicle from sale, preventing any other customers from purchasing it. In the scenario where we are unable to source a line of credit for the customer, any deposit will be refunded.

Can I drive my new car away on the same day?

Yes, this is possible*. In order to purchase a car with finance, you’ll be required to have the following documentation with you:

• Your UK/EU driving license (with current address)
• EU Passport (if using EU driving license)
• Two proofs of address dated within the last 90 days, e.g. bank statement, council tax statements (we are unable to accept mobile phone bills)

*We will always try our best to accommodate a same day collection, but please note that a number of factors (such as availability of collection slots and method of payment) can affect whether this is possible. Please contact us prior to visiting and let our sales staff know you’d like to collect on the same day so we can advise the probability of it happening.

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Fortunately, our showrooms are located directly opposite a fuel station. Esso – Hartcliffe Way, Bedminster, BS3 5RP

Does the car have an MOT?

Yes – all vehicles will have a current MOT.

How can I pay for my car?

You can pay for your new car using the following payment methods:

Debit Card
Direct Bank Transfer (the reg of the vehicle should be used at the reference and be completed 24 hours before collection of the vehicle)
Cash (up to £5,000.00 per single transaction)Cars sold for export must pay via bank transfer only.

Please note that we do not accept credit card payments, Bankers Drafts or Building Society Cheques.


Car Finance

Can you provide finance that suits my circumstances?

Yes – our finance experts can advise you on all finance options.

I’ve been approved for finance on a car – does this mean the car is now reserved for me?

The approval of finance on a car doesn’t necessarily mean the car will be automatically reserved for you. Numerous finance applications can be made on the same vehicle, and as demand for our vehicles is often high, we are unable to always promise that the vehicle will be able to test drive or purchase once you’ve decided to proceed.

However, we usually have a range of alternative vehicles available which match your requirements. If, however, you aren’t able to find a vehicle that matches your exact specifications and requirements, we can arrange to find something similar from our many vehicles in stock that are currently unavailable through the website.

There is no need to make an additional finance application. As soon as you have found the right car, we will update your finance agreement to suit your needs (our finance team will be able to assist you through this).

Can you help minicab drivers with finance?


Who do you work with to provide finance?

Motonovo finance, Blackhorse and Close Motor Finance.

What type of finance do you offer?

PCP, HP, HP+ and Personal Loans.

What is Hire Purchase?

Car Hire Purchase is a form of car finance that spreads the cost of your car in a way that suits you. We offer flexible terms and your standard monthly payment will never change.

What is your APR?

This depends on several factors, including the amount borrowed, doc fees and charge of credit. Our APRs are generally competitive against other car dealers.

Do you offer 0%?

We don’t offer an interest-free facility, but our rates are extremely competitive.

Over what period of time can I take my finance?

Between 12 and 60 months.

Can I apply for UCOB finance online?

Yes, please choose a car on our website and complete the finance option.

Can I apply for UCOB finance if I have a provisional, EU or International driving license?


What if I have a poor credit history?

A less than perfect credit history is unlikely to prevent you from securing the car you need.

How old do I need to be to apply for finance?

UK law states you must be at least 18 years old to enter into a finance agreement.

What documents do I need to apply for finance?

• Your UK/EU driving license
• EU Passport (if using EU driving license)
• Two proofs of address dated within the last 90 days, e.g. bank statement, council tax statements (we are unable to accept mobile phone bills)

What if I don’t have council tax statements, utility bills or bank statements?

We may still be able to help, just contact us on 01179 533 336 for more information.

What if I still have outstanding finance on my part exchange car?

Firstly, you will need to contact your existing finance provider and request that they email us at sales@usedcarsofbristol.com with a settlement figure. Once you have this, please come in and get a value on your part exchange. After we have both these figures, we can work out how much deposit you have towards your next purchase, or if you need to put money in to clear your existing finance.

Is it possible to use my own finance provider?

Yes, however there will be an additional administration fee of £399.


Part Exchange

Will you accept any age car in part exchange?

We will consider any age car for part exchange, just bring it in for a valuation.

Can you give me a price by email or over the phone?

No two used cars are the same, so we’ll need to carry out a physical inspection (checking the condition, mileage, ownership etc.) before offering our best possible price. The offer will be valid for a specified time period.

Can I part exchange my mum’s/friend’s/cousin’s car?

No - in order to part exchange a car, you need to be its legal owner.

Will you accept cars registered in Ireland?

Your vehicle must be registered to you at an address in England, Scotland or Wales in order for it to be accepted for part exchange.

Do you check the mileage on cars before accepting them?

Yes, we run a NMR (National Mileage Register) check to make sure the mileage is correct. We will also want to check the service history, along with the car’s VOSA history (MOT).

Do you HPI check cars before accepting them for part exchange?

Yes – we’ll check to make sure your car has no outstanding finance, is not an insurance write-off and is not stolen. It is also possible that we’ll carry out an Experian check on the vehicle.

Will my car need to have a current MOT?

We will consider a car without a current MOT, but please be aware that you shouldn’t be on the road without a current MOT certificate.

Can I part exchange more than one car against my new purchase?

We look at all part exchange deals individually, so this may be possible. You will be required to bring both cars to our dealership for inspection.

What vehicles do you accept?

We will only accept to part exchange vehicles that are:

• Cleared of any finance agreements, charges or other encumbrances which you did not disclose to us before the date of the agreement.
• Delivered to our place of business before you take collection of the vehicle and/or products.
• In the same condition on delivery to us as it was when we examined it before agreeing the Part Exchange Valuation. This is subject to a final inspection at our premises at the time of handing over the vehicle and/or products to you.

If you fail to satisfy any of the above conditions, we will not be obliged to accept the Part Exchange Vehicle or to allow the Part Exchange valuation against the Purchase Price and you may be required to pay the full Purchase Price before you take collection of the vehicle and/or products. We reserve the right to offer you an amended price for the part exchange should issues be identified affecting the original valuation.

We do not accept specialist vehicles and kit cars, and due to new DVLA rules we regret that we cannot accept a vehicle in part exchange without a full logbook. We also reserve the right to refuse any vehicles.

Do UCOB accept VCARs?

Vehicles on VCAR (motor vehicle that has been declared an insurance write-off) can still be accepted for part exchange, but there will be a significant difference in price. However, this will be at the discretion of our valuation team. Please note, we don’t accept category A or B cars as they should not be on the road.

What do I need to do if I wish to keep my private number plate?

This can be completed online by visiting: https://www.gov.uk/keep-registration-number.

If you are part exchanging a vehicle with a private number plate, you will need to either wait until you have received the new log book from the DVLA after removing the plate, or leave a deposit of £500 with us until the new paper work has arrived.

Alternatively, you can take the original documentation and the Vehicle Registration Form V778/1 to a local DVLA office. Once you’ve received the full log book and MOT with the new registration for the vehicle, we’ll accept it for part exchange (please be aware that we reserve the right to revalue the part exchange vehicle).


Why buy from UCOB?

What are the benefits of buying from UCOB?

We are an RAC Approved Dealer, providing our customers with confidence and peace of mind that they are buying from a reliable dealership. This means we are strictly vetted by the RAC and chosen based on reliability, honesty, quality and top customer service.

For more information, please visit: https://www.rac.co.uk/buying-a-car/rac-approved-dealers


Selling your car to us

How do you determine an offer?

We’re committed to providing the best value to our customers. We assess criteria such as the condition of your car’s mechanics and bodywork, its previous owners and current valuation guides to determine an offer.

How do I get my money?

We’ll transfer your money directly to your bank account the next working day.

What happens to the value of my remaining road tax?

If you sell your car to use and have notified the DVLA, you’ll automatically be refunded for any full remaining months left on the vehicle tax.

Can you transfer money to another person’s account?

No, we can only pay the legal owner of the car.

I’ve lost my original log book, but is a photocopy ok?

No – we will need the full, original log book. You can contact the DVLA to apply for a new V5 document. Please visit: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-log-book

Will you buy my left-hand drive car?

Yes we’ll consider them for part exchange.

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