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Extending and protecting the life of your car tyres

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The life of your tyres is an important part of keeping your vehicle in great shape all year round.

Whether you want to extend their life or give them extra protection while using them, there are countless workarounds to both save your money and provide your tyres with the protection needed.

We can’t always protect our tyres from bumps in the road or pieces of shattered glass on the road, but we can definitely take measures in order to keep them in a good working order.

Key elements to keep your tyres in a good shape.

Examine tyres for holes and/or cuts on a weekly basis
Repair small holes and cuts at home before driving out again
Immediately change tyres with large holes
The three key points shown above, are all the elements which can help extend the life of your car’s tyres. It isn’t always the piece of glass or an embedded nail itself that could flatten your tyres instantly, but also the tiny unnoticed cuts that through time might result in a slow leak of pressure and create a flat tyre.

As well as checking your tyres for cuts and holes, the pressure of each tyre should also be checked on a weekly basis. Each tyre on your vehicle should be evenly inflated – too low and you will struggle to drive, too high and damage will be caused to the centre of the tyre through extensive tread wear.

Another way to protect your tyres is to ensure that they are aligned correctly, but this is something that can only be corrected by licensed mechanics.

If you find that your tyres aren’t aligned you may notice that your vehicle is difficult to control, there is a jerking feeling in the steering wheel and there may be a consistent pulling to the left or right when driving.

By correcting your alignment you reduce the excessive wear and tear of your tyres from all the extra pressure they’re put under.

Keeping your tyres in full working order is a great way to enhance their life, and by rotating each tyre every 6,000 miles, it will promote an even tread wear that will help extend the life of your tyres and keep your pennies in your pocket.

You shouldn’t just focus on what’s wrong with your tyres, but what you are doing to shorten their lifespan.Reckless driving, speeding and carrying excessive loads also begin to damage tyres over time. Through high speeds, the temperature is increased which ultimately leads to the quicker wearing of the tyre, and braking quite often or quickening around corners can cause extensive damage too.

If you’re the type of driver to carry excessive loads over long periods of time, this too puts weight and extra pressure on the tyres, leading them to need changing more often.

By changing a handful of bad driving habits and keeping more of an eye out on the changes in your vehicle, you can extend and protect the life of your car tyres.

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