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Car Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Car Pristine

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Car owners love their machines in perfect working condition, but most of them are baffled by the complexity that comes with keeping it running smoothly over a long period of time. Keeping your car in perfect condition is not something you need to worry about if you have the right information about car maintenance.

You first need to understand what lies under the bonnet and the things you should keep an eye on every time you take your car for maintenance. This is like creating a strong bond between yourself and your car to ensure everything runs perfectly well. To keep on the safe side of car maintenance, here is a maintenance checklist you should observe.

Observe oil levels and quality

The purpose of oil in your engine is to keep it lubricated to reduce friction under your hood. Your engine is highly likely to overhead during the summer season and this is the time it needs lubrication most. Low levels of engine oil could spell disaster since this could mean some parts of the engine would be exposed to high friction, which accelerates wear and tear.

Immediately you notice a drop in oil level, you should top it up, but before doing so study the car to ensure the drop in the level is not caused by some problems like leakages. Also, observe the colour of the oil for aging to ensure you replace it in time. Generally, many experts recommend oil change after every 5,000 miles or so.

Regularly inspect your tires

Tires are some of the things you should never overlook in your car, but as it appears, only a few people pay attention to them. In fact, many accidents are caused by bad tires, so failure to inspect your tires could mean you are preparing yourself for dark days. In the morning, before you start your car, check the pressure of the tires to ensure it is at the recommended PSI levels. Also, confirm the thread quality to ensure your tires have sufficient grip to even drive on wet surfaces.

Check your battery

Any problems with your battery could mean paralyzing the entire electrical system. Your car’s battery could even affect computers and this triggers partial loss of memory, which could stall the car at some point. Check the terminals for any corrosion and ensure the battery is in perfect working condition. If you doubt its capacity, you could get a replacement, preferably the non-maintenance type that will give you peace of mind.

Get your radiator checked

During the winter season, driving on salted roads could eat away the core of your radiator, which could lead to leakage and engine overheating. Therefore, you need to keep a maintenance schedule that allows you to regularly perform checks to the radiator for any signs of failure so you can fix the issue early before it spreads to levels where you are left with replacing the part as the only viable option. Observing maintenance schedules keeps your car in perfect condition and saves you from breakages and problems that could cost a lot to fix.

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