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5 Fantastic Dog Friendly Cars

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Many people consider a dog to be an essential part of the family, but fewer people consider their canine friend when choosing used cars. Below, we examine five of the most dog-friendly cars out there, and what their advantages are.

1. Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb Estate is an all-round great choice even for drivers who don’t have dogs – but for those with a canine companion, it’s incredible. The seats are comfortable for your dogs to rest after a long walk, or alternatively, the boot is spacious and roomy enough even for people with a whole pack of dogs. Additionally, Skoda offers a fantastic range of dog-friendly accessories from a Dog Safety Belt to keep your pet safe on the move to an easy-clean rubber floor to the boot, as well as their innovative dog hammock for the back seats.

2. Land Rover Discovery

Perfect for those who like their weekend walks to take place off the beaten track, this fantastic 4×4 is ideal for outdoors-loving dog owners. As well as being a great car in its own right with seven comfortable seats for the whole family, the Discovery also boasts a huge boot so the dog can spread out and get comfortable. You can also buy rubber floor mats to fit this car, to protect the stylish flooring from muddy paws.

3. Skoda Fabia Estate

This compact estate car is actually brilliant for those with smaller dogs, as the boot has a low, wide opening which makes it easy for shorter dogs to hop in. The boot is also massive, holding up to 530 litres, making it also a good choice for those with multiple dogs. Even better, you can also choose to accessorise your car with a handy dividing guard, which keeps you all safe by ensuring that your dog doesn’t try to leap into the front seat while you’re driving.

4. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Fantastic for dog owners who also care about the environment, this plug-in hybrid is capable of covering most city journeys on electricity alone – ideal for a trip to the vet or for a walk in a city park. A large boot capable of holding pretty much any breed of dog makes it a dog-friendly car, while the optional dog guard protects your safety and rubber mats protect the flooring from dog damage.

5. Dacia Logan MCV

This fantastic car is a great all-around choice for those with kids as well as a dog, as the plush and stylish seating is capable of comfortably holding five people. The boot also has a capacity of 573 litres, which is easily sufficient for transporting two medium or one large hound in comfort. You can easily buy a rubber boot liner to protect your boot from mud and damage, while interior mats save the flooring if you intend to allow the dog in the main part of your car.

While choosing from the range of dog-friendly cars is difficult, there are many used cars out there that will suit your needs. Look out for large, low boots as well as a good range of accessories and you can’t go far wrong.

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