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3 Ways to Clean Frost off Windows Quickly

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Are you still trying to scrape ice off your windshield every morning before work?

There are many good things about winter; who doesn’t love cuddling up with hot chocolate at Christmas time, but cleaning ice off your windshield in the morning isn’t one of them. Give me one worse way than to start your day than with desperately trying to de-ice your windshield with frozen hands in blistering weather. There isn’t.

Well, those days are over. Here are some super quick ways to sport a crystal clear windscreen when time is of the essence:

Method 1: Buy an Ice Preventer or De-Icer

Just like Santa’s elves you can go to work the night before and create a magical gift for yourself come morning. Simply spray on an ice preventer each night to create an effortless ice-free morning.

Or if you prefer getting hands-on in the morning, opt for a de-icer. Simply squirt onto your windscreen and scrape the ice off easily.

There are even formulas on the market which are dual purpose, they act as both a preventer and a de-icer for faster morning getaways.

Method 2: Make your own De-Icer

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need to save a penny where they can? Why buy a commercial de-icer when you can make something that works equally as well? An added bonus is that you know exactly what is in your homemade version.

Rubbing Alcohol and Dish Soap make an effective de-icer.
Pour some rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) into a clean spray bottle and add a few drops of dish soap.
Spray the mixture on the frosty windscreen and let it soak for a minute or two. Most of the ice should melt away, allowing you to scrape away the excess bits.
This solution is pretty effective because rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of -88 degrees Celsius which means that it should be safe to leave in the car for emergency icy window situations.

White vinegar and water, mixed at a ratio of 3 to 1, also acts as a de-icer and ice preventer. This is a cheap solution with ingredients that everybody already has in their homes.

Method 3: Prevent the Ice and Cover it up

The old saying of prevention is better than cure surely applies to windows too. The fastest way to keep your windows frost-free is preventing it from forming in the first place.

Cover your dry window before dew or ice forms with a large sheet of cardboard or a towel. Place the cover in such a way that it is pushed flush against the window, this will prevent dew seeping in between and forming ice. Use the windscreen wipers and weights at strategic points to hold the cover in place. Similarly, use weights or stones to cover your other windows.

In the morning, remove your cover and drive off into the sunrise. There may be a thin layer of ice but your car heater will take care of it within a matter of minutes.

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