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10 reasons why you should take your car for maintenance

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Every car owner has the responsibility of visiting a mechanic on a regular basis. These visits are either scheduled or impromptu, and should not be overlooked. Regular diagnosis of the car has various merits both to the car and the users.

1. Engine oil

It is easy to check the state and level of the engine oil on your own. It is, however, convenient to visit a mechanic who can change the engine oil on a scheduled maintenance basis. The oil is changed periodically after the car has covered a specified distance since the initial change. This ensures a smooth running engine and prevents it from developing mechanical problems or knocking.

2. Brake maintenance

Brake pads on a car wheel tend to fade away with time, rendering them weak and incapable of bringing the car to a stop. A mechanic is in a position to diagnose the effectiveness of the braking system and advice accordingly for a replacement. This enhances the safety of the occupants by being able to bring a car to a stop within the shortest time possible during emergencies.

3. Saves money

Taking your car for maintenance occasionally will largely contribute to saving money that would be used in major repairs. Minor maintenance on a vehicle helps in eliminating the possibility of the car developing major mechanical problems or getting involved in an accident due to various faults in its systems.

4. Safety

A serviceable car is a safe means of travel and guarantees the user of safety on the roads. A regular maintenance ensures that all safety harness, airbags, brakes, lighting and tires are in good condition as they play a major role in keeping the occupants safe.

5. Helps diagnose faults that are undetectable

A general walk-around check on your car cannot give you the full condition of the car. Taking your car for regular maintenance is useful as mechanics age able to use some sophisticated tools and equipment to detect faults on the car that they too cannot identify by a mere walk-around check.

6. Insurance claims

Once you visit a mechanic, there is a record of the kind of maintenance done on your car. Failure to do this, the insurance company may dismiss your car as unroadworthy after an accident and leave you with no choice than to use your own money for repairs.

7. Wheel alignment

A car wheel needs to be aligned at all times to keep the vehicle in a stable condition at all speeds of cruising. A regular maintenance ensures that the wheels are allows aligned by using the convenient aligning equipment.

8. Car lighting system

A serviceable car ought to have all the lights working as intended. Taking your car for maintenance ensures that all the vital lights are working in the correct manner and repairs carried out where applicable to keep the car roadworthy.

9. The transmission fluid

Having the brakes pads changed regularly does not guarantee safe operation of the brakes. Transmission fluids need to be checked and refilled appropriately to ensure a safe control of the car.

10. Air filter

Most mechanics will check the condition of the air filter during the scheduled engine oil change and carry out appropriate maintenance work on it to ensure that the fuel consumption of your car is not higher than intended.

Frequent car maintenance is a sure way to keep your car servicing you for the longest time possible. Your safety and money are the basic factors to always consider in car maintenance.

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