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Both Android Auto and Apple Carplay are services that allow you to use their operating systems in your car. They both run through the car's dashboard head unit, and allow you to do many different things. Many car manufacturers allow for people to use both of these programs while driving. However, if you ever find yourself having to decide which one you should use, here's a rundown of what both of these programs can do.

The Similarities

Android Auto and Apple Carplay can do some very impressive things. Some of the features are very much the same, and some are different. We will now take a look at the similarities within both Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Both have several apps that are the same, such as Audible, TuneIn, and Stitcher. There are other apps that are either only available on one of the programs or are just variants of a standard app. We will take a look at those in the next paragraph. As for the similarities, both infotainment systems allow you to listen to music. Albeit different applications, they still do the same job and allow you to listen to music on-the-go. Both systems also allow you to use a map system that uses the GPS from your car and acts as a sat-nav. That's about it for the similarities. Now we will take a look at the differences between the systems and talk about the different variants of each systems' apps.

The Differences

As we talked about above, both systems have a variety of apps to use. The ones that we left out were the apps that both Apple and Android have their own version of. First, we have Apple's Apple Music and Android's Google Play Music. This will, of course, be a very subjective opinion as you may like one particular music app over the other. However, a big point to be made is that the leading music app 'Spotify' is only available on Android Auto, which could be a big selling point for many people. The other apps that both systems have their own version of are Google Maps and Apple Maps. Again, of course, this is subjective and is really down to personal preference.

Another big difference between the two is the interface of both systems. Apple's Carplay, of course, uses the infamous 'squares' that you push in order to open the desired app, almost identical to their iPhone interface. Android Auto is very different in that respect, with a background that you can customise yourself. This background allows for the free space to be used for any notifications that you may receive.

In Conclusion:

So, in the end, it does all boil down to personal preference. The majority of critics have agreed that Android Auto is the favourite out of the two. However, the decision is of course up to the individual that wishes to purchase one of these systems.



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